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Raising Capital

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We are involved at every step in the process leading to the completion of a bid to raise capital under the best possible conditions:

Assistance in the production of supporting documents

  • Business Plan, Executive Summary

  • Management Presentation

Private placement

  • Selecting private equity funds and, where relevant, individual investors

  • Investment approach and rationale

Setting up informational meetings

  • Fine-tuning the Business Plan

  • Presenting the company, its key people and its business development plans

Negotiating the valuation

  • Appropriate valuation work

  • Discussing preliminary agreements (letter of intent, term sheet, MoU)

  • Negotiating fluctuation components of the valuation (BSA, Ratchet, etc.)

Preparing the data-room

  • Collating relevant documents and information

  • Organizing material aspects of consultation

Negotiating definitive deals (working in collaboration with legal counsel)

  • Draft Agreement (MoU)

  • Shareholders’ Agreement

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